Binky Gets SIP Industrial Support!



Over a lifetime of fiddling with cars it’s astonishing how many tools and pieces of equipment you end up with. For example, the little Myford ML7 lathe we use has been with us for over 20 years now! The CNC mill is more than 10 years old and most of the rest of our tools are at least that. Apart from the grinders, we go through those like no-one’s business…

Recently, we had to buy a new TIG welder and thanks to the generosity of our fans, we managed to secure a new SIP machine very quickly so we didn’t have to delay the build. A lot of our gear is made by SIP; we had a local dealer who sold us ex-demo or returned equipment for very reasonable prices.

A few weeks ago, somewhat out of the blue, a member of the SIP marketing team got in touch to see how we were getting on with the new TIG welder. They’d been watching our videos and couldn’t help notice the bright green machine appearing in episode 12. Well, we have been very happy with it and the results on the exhaust speak for themselves.

Knowing that much of our equipment is getting on a bit and liable to become troublesome in the near future, we approached SIP to see if they’d be willing to do a deal on a few bits of gear. After a meeting with the lovely marketing manager Richard Fothergill – who came to see us at Goodwood – we’re delighted to report that a deal has been struck and SIP Industrial have agreed to supply us with a bunch of new tools and equipment for use on the current project and of course all future series!

SIP’s support will be invaluable as we’ll now have access to some tools that we didn’t have and we’ll be replacing some of our aged machinery with brand new, better equipment.

We thank SIP Industrial for their backing and their faith and we encourage anyone in the market for machinery or tools in their range to check out their website:

sip photo